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Michelle McGee Gets Dumped by Label Due to Nazi Crap.

VIA (CBS)  Michelle "Bombshell" McGee has been dumped...not necessarily by Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, but by a wild sounding clothing line she has been promoting.

Jimmy Ferrari, owner of Angry White Boy Clothing says despite huge traffic to his Web site generated from McGee’s claim that she had an 11-month sexual affair with James, Ferrari has dumped McGee because rumors tying McGee to white supremacist ideology have now tainted his company.

"I don’t think it’s so right that she is getting so destroyed in the media," he tells CBS News. "But I can’t be associated with any white supremacy nonsense."

The clothing "has nothing to do with white supremacy or racism," he says. "It just personifies me." 

As for McGee's homepage, it's not clear if the site has been changed or is having technical problems. A blog, which was once active with racy photos of McGee, is now only a dead link. Her MySpace profile is still up, but has gone private.

The tattoo fetish model's recent rejection comes after images from a Nazi-themed photo shoot appeared on TMZ.

In the images, shot more than a year ago, a bikini clad McGee is seen licking a dagger and holding a massive gun. She is wearing a Nazi armband and hat and standing in front of a swastika back drop.

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Did Bombshell McGee attempt to put a hit out on Sandra Bullock?

TMZ has learned the FBI investigated a tip about a murder plot against Sandra Bullock that was allegedly arranged by Jesse James’ mistress Bombshell McGee — but the FBI ultimately deemed the tip “not credible. Law enforcement sources confirm that roughly two weeks ago, McGee’s ex-husband, Shane Modica, reported that he received a call from a man in Missouri who claimed Bombshell wanted to put a hit on both Modica and Bullock … and the mystery caller claimed he was the person who was supposed to carry out the hits.


Michelle McGee has a message America! "Stop blaming us dirty whores!".

"I want to say to the rest of the country, 'Stop taking it out on the mistresses and start taking it out on the men who are cheating on their wives,' " McGee told Inside Edition. "Why are these men getting off scot free while the mistresses are considered whores, and we're stepped on and we're booed and we're called nasty names?"

"It's the man's responsibility, they're the ones in the marriage, they need to keep their vows. It's very easy to say, 'You know what I'm a married man.' They can easily walk away," McGee said.

Ok, we understand your point Michelle... the man can definitely walk away from your tattoo'd behind, but couldn't you also try a little harder to not be a whore?  How hard is for you to stay off your back, especially when there is a married man involved.  We all know how psycho-obsessed you were and are with Jesse James, so stop playing the role of the victim.  It's VERY hard to feel sorry for someone who looks like you... a smelly, tattoo'd hooker.



Michelle "Hooker-Trash" McGee Apologizes to Sandra Bullock. What a Joke.

Michelle “disgusting-dirty-hooker-trash” McGee “Apologizes” to Sandra Bullock.  This is a fairly laughable attempt at damage control.  Everyone already knows that you are a two-bit crack-ho that gets off on ruining marriages and anything relating to Nazi’s… and more likely than not, the KKK.  But that’s just our opinion, and we’re always right!

Anyhow, here’s what the hot-mess-trash had to spew:

"I'd like to say, Sandra, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for your embarrassment, I am sorry this is all public. I feel bad for Sandra, I know what she must be going through, she would be hurt, devastated, hurt and embarrassed. What does he think he is Tiger Woods now? You go to sex rehab and your marriage is back together? He was deceptive to a lot of people. I think he should be going to lie rehab and not sex rehab. When she said this man has my back, (I thought) no, he doesn't have your back, he is doing it behind your back. It was gross. I feel good that Sandra does know the truth about it, I might seem like the bad guy right now, but I did open her eyes to a man who didn't have a back."

You're not a victim here Hooker-Trash McGee.  You are a Nazi slut who's now trying to cover their own ass.  You should dissapear into some dark hole somewhere and stay there, forever.  No one likes you... you smell bad.



Jesse James in Posing as a Nazi... in a Nazi Hat. This Just Keeps Getting Better.

Jesse James' lawyer fielded questions about the recently surfaced photo of the biker in Nazi attire (above) and chalked the whole thing up as a joke between Jesse and - wait for it - his Jewish godfather. CNN reports:

"The hat may have been in poor taste, but it was given to James as a gag gift by his Jewish godfather, attorney Joe Yanny said.
Possessing Nazi memorabilia does not make someone a neo-Nazi, he said.
As evidence that James is no anti-Semite, Yanny said James lived for nearly a month in an Israeli kibbutz."

Wow, Jesse James' lawyer blows. Israeli kibbutz? Seriously? If he was my client, not only would I have said he jumped over the Holocaust with his motorcycle, I'd also claim he invented the bagel while visiting his bubbie. That's how you practice law, my friends. That's how you practice law.  [source]